Troubleshooting Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error: A Comprehensive Guide

Videojet Dataflex printhead carriage position error a guide TTOParts

Troubleshooting Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error


Are you grappling with the Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error on your Dataflex 6530 or 6330 printer? Dive into our detailed troubleshooting guide to swiftly resolve this common issue.

Understanding the Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error:

Encountering the "Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error" can disrupt your printing operations. To address it effectively, let's explore potential causes and solutions.

  1. Printhead Gap Adjustment:

    • Maintain the printhead gap within the 1-5mm range to prevent triggering the error. Proper measurement is essential for accurate calibration.
  2. Print Position Setting:

    • Align the print position over the roller correctly, avoiding extremes in both directions for seamless printing.
  3. Carriage Movement Check:

    • Power off the printer and inspect the carriage for any obstructions or binding. Ensure smooth movement by cleaning and lubricating as needed.
  4. Component Inspection:

    • Thoroughly examine and replace damaged components like the peel roller shaft, belts, and printhead mount elements to rectify potential issues.
  5. Electrical Connections Review:

    • Verify the integrity of motor connections on the main PCB, ensuring secure seating and correct placement.
  6. Ribbon Replacement Analysis:

    • Investigate if the error coincided with a ribbon change, as issues with the ribbon leader could contribute to the problem. Clearing related faults might resolve the error.
  7. Substrate Stability Assessment:

    • In intermittent applications, ensure substrate stability during printing to prevent inadvertent printhead tugging.
  8. Belt Tensioning Consideration:

    • Optimize belt tension to facilitate smooth carriage movement and mitigate potential errors.
  9. Printhead Motor Inspection:

    • If troubleshooting steps yield no results, assess the printhead motor and encoder sensor for faults, considering replacement if necessary.


With diligent troubleshooting and attention to detail, you can effectively address the Videojet Printhead Carriage Position Error. Our comprehensive guide equips you with the knowledge to diagnose and resolve the issue swiftly, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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