Who we are

Who are we?

TTO Parts all started when the world shut down.

Businesses were forced to shut down their facilities and more employees were told to stay home.  We were working at home and saw that price increases and delays were hurting our valued customers which in the end hurt the end consumer (Every Person on the planet, i.e. the customers).

After all of the changes we saw, we started thinking of how we could help every industry; we knew something needed to change! Businesses were starting to struggle to keep up with demands and could not handle all the price increases and delays along with having to obtain price quote after price quote. To top it off every person was now taking on more workload. After working at home and seeing price increase after delay, I said something needs to change. I got together with my husband (with a cup of coffee in hand) and started brainstorming.

As we were talking, we heard the dog start barking (yes everyone who works from home has to have their cuddly companion) and got up to get the door. It was an Amazon package. That is when the lightbulb went off. What if we could become the Amazon of the Code Dating Industry in the USA and help our code dating friends all over the world. What if we could offer great, reliable products, that will deliver to the customer within days. No longer do the manufacturing or purchase order specialists have to find companies, fill out credit apps and wait for approved terms. All our customers have to do is click the product they want (which are compatible on all OEM lines) add to cart and press buy. It is that easy. The idea came effortlessly after seeing the code dating industry that we love suffer so much.

Of course, after the pandemic we also noticed that people were overwhelmed and short fused to put it nicely. I knew that a little sweetness and a good laugh could go a long way. Along with every order comes a nice meme or motivational gif to get your day going. Who would say no to some extra niceness added to their day? NO ONE LOL!

We are great at shipping products out correctly and efficiently and have the knowledge base to ship well beyond the borders of the USA. We are known for our silly memes and motivation to keep every person who is having a rough day breath in some fresh air after our emails. We are a family business with a combined industry knowledge base of 20+ years of experience. My husband is an engineer who draws all the products and has the items engineered and are sold from our floor.  We are now large enough with an 8,000 square foot facility. All from a dream and a good old cup of joe. So, stop reading this and do yourself a favor and try us out. The worst that can happen is you fall in love with our site. What do you have to lose?  

Hope you Enjoy


The TTOParts Team, Sarah