Top 5 Causes of Ribbon Break Error-Videojet Edition

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Are you experiencing a ribbon break error with your Videojet TTO printer? Ribbon break errors can cause significant downtime and delays in your production line. To help you quickly identify and fix the problem, we've compiled a list of the top causes for Videojet TTO ribbon break error.

Mandrels not aligned with coupling: If the mandrels are not properly aligned with the coupling, the ribbon will not be pulled through the printer smoothly, causing the dreadful ribbon break error. Make sure the mandrels are aligned and securely fastened to the coupling this is easily done by removing the side plates and then assembling the cassette for calibration. Removing the side plates allows you to peak into the unit to see which mandrel is not properly aligning with its motor coupling.

Cassette posts bent: Bent cassette posts can cause the ribbon to snag and break during printing. It can also cause the cassette to bind on assembly making in assembly process difficult. Generally when this happens the mandrels can also be affected causing there alignment to be off. Inspect the cassette posts and replace them if necessary.


Cores slipping on mandrels: If the cores slip on the mandrels, the ribbon tension will be compromised. The slippage occurs when the ribbon core internal diameter does is not secured by the mandrels. Sometimes this is because the mandrel clips are not engaging the cores and other times it is just a defect of the cores. Make sure the cores are securely fastened to the mandrels.

Friction cones are cracked: Cracked or worn friction cones can cause ribbon slippage, resulting in breaks. Inspect the friction cones and replace them if necessary.

Motors are not tuned properly: If the motors are not tuned properly, the ribbon tension will be too high or too low, causing it to break. Make sure the motors are tuned correctly to ensure proper tension.

By identifying and addressing these common causes for Videojet TTO ribbon break errors, you can help minimize downtime and keep your production line running smoothly. If you need further assistance troubleshooting your Videojet TTO printer, don't hesitate to contact our experienced technicians for expert support.




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