Troubleshooting the Videojet 6530 6330 TTO Printer Error: E3237 Incorrect Reel Size

Videojet 6530 Videojet 6330 Incorrect Reel Size Error

As a proud owner or operator of a Videojet 6530 Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) printer, you know how critical it is to ensure the smooth operation of your production line. However, like any sophisticated piece of machinery, TTO printers can encounter occasional hiccups. One common error that you might come across is the E3237 Incorrect Reel Size. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details of this error and explore the solutions to resolve it. Whether it's a simple ribbon assembly issue or something more complex involving faulty components, we've got you covered.

Understanding the E3237 Error: The E3237 Incorrect Reel Size error message can disrupt your printing process and lead to downtime. It occurs when the size of one or more ribbon reels loaded onto the cassette is not within the expected range. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to tackle this error:

Solution 1: Ribbon Not Assembled Correctly One of the primary reasons for the E3237 error is incorrect ribbon assembly. Here's what you can do to address this issue:

  • Step 1: Remove the cassette from the printer.

  • Step 2: Inspect the ribbon waste core to ensure it's properly fitted.

  • Step 3: Check the ribbon rolls to confirm that they are within the supported limits, especially the diameter.

  • Step 4: Reassemble the ribbon correctly on the cassette, ensuring it fits snugly and aligns with the printer's specifications.

  • Step 5: Refit the cassette securely and press the Clear button. The printer will automatically initiate the calibration process.

Solution 2: Incorrect Ribbon Sizes Sometimes, the ribbon loaded onto the cassette might be of the wrong size. To address this issue:

  • Step 1: Verify the dimensions of the ribbon to ensure they meet the printer's requirements. The printer typically supports a reel diameter of up to 110mm for normal operation and a maximum diameter of 85mm when High Throughput mode is enabled.

  • Step 2: If you find that the ribbon size is indeed incorrect, replace it with the appropriate ribbon that falls within the supported size range.

  • Step 3: Refit the cassette securely and press the Clear button to initiate the automatic calibration.

Solution 3: Faulty Components - Main PCB, Printhead PCB, and Ribbon Detection PCB In some instances, the E3237 error may be a result of faulty components within the printer. This can include issues with the Main PCB, Printhead PCB, or the Ribbon Detection PCB, which includes the photo-receptive cells used to calculate ribbon width. If you suspect that this is the case:

  • Step 1: Go to the diagnostics menu and select consumables. In this window you will be able to see what ribbon width the printer is measuring. If you find both widths are 31.5mm you may have a faulty component.

  • It's advisable to seek professional assistance or contact TTOParts customer support to diagnose and replace the faulty components.

  • Step 2: Ensure that you have qualified technicians or engineers who are experienced with Videojet printers to handle component replacements.

  • Step 3: Once the faulty components are replaced, follow the standard procedure of refitting the cassette and initiating the calibration process by pressing the Clear button.

Conclusion: The E3237 Incorrect Reel Size error on your Videojet 6530 TTO printer can be a minor hiccup or a symptom of more complex issues. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly identify and resolve the problem, getting your production line back on track. Remember that routine maintenance and careful attention to ribbon assembly can help prevent such errors in the future. If you encounter persistent issues, don't hesitate to seek professional support to ensure the optimal performance of your valuable printing equipment.